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Ankit Thakar

"Dream is the bridge between your present and the desired future. The speed of converting your dream into reality depends on the clarity about why."

This inspiring quote is from one of the best motivational books “Tathastu! Your Success Granted”. Ankit Thakar authors the remarkable book and he is known for this personal transformation guide. The author is a trained professional having experience of more than one and half decades in managing a wide spectrum of mindsets in different multinational organizations. He has rich experience in dealing with human psychology from ground staff to the Managing directors, understanding the facts of different thought processes prevailing in the society and research on the multiple self-help subjects through reading and information sharing. His knowledge, experience and creative skills are extracted, developed and shared in his masterpiece book. The insightful approach of Ankit Thakar has helped himself and many other people to transform lives from dullness towards the light of hope and success. Passionate efforts by him have touched many people’s lives to excel in their personal as well as professional lives. His profound journey has witnessed recognition by different organizations and people.

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  • Tathastu!" by the author Ankit Thakar is a masterpiece since it has covered the most wanted topic and aspect of a being that is the work and the overall concept of how the subconscious mind leads to a better being!

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  • This remarkable book, "Tathastu! Your Success Granted" by Author Ankit Thakar is a perfect reading treat for all kinds of readers. The book has been written with an excellent & direct objective of making the readers realize their potential energy and gather their energy in order to create a positive thought process, which shall help them in gaining success. Through this book, the author has made sure to create motivation in the life of the people, who are seeking wisdom to accelerate in their lives. This book changes your mindset & attitude and teaches you the ways of not just facing the challenges, rather overcoming them and getting victory over the issues pulling us down.

    The Literature Times

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